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The contemporary rectangular garden

This was a blank-slate garden with just a deck and grass. We transformed it by adding raised beds with plants in shades of green, purple and burgundy, and hard landscaping of porcelain wood-effect planks and deep grey gravel leading around the garden. We added another deck for dining. It's still a work in progress - plants are young, re-seeded lawn is still growing, and we're waiting for bareroot trees but we're delighted with the outcome!

Our latest project - garden revamp 

Our latest project is being developed once again in Montana, USA - a beautiful, rugged landscape subject to great extremes of temperature. To this end, we're creating a microclimate, sheltered by windbreaking trees and shrubs that are also deer-resistant.


Work will start in Spring 2021, and architects are busy incorporating our plan into theirs. Watch this space - and meanwhile, go to our gorgeous video on YouTube here:

Contemporary rectangular garden

Voss House - Therapy Centre in Bozeman, Montana

This spectacular house, originally an inn, was renovated and transformed into a beautiful, serene environment for in-patient therapy. The existing garden was scruffy and desolate in parts, and needed a redesign to complement the beautiful house. A large paving circle was built for gatherings, with space left on the lawn for small tables and deck chairs. The beds were designed to curve around a walkway and hide different parts of the garden from site, to add an air of mystery and surprise.


Circular motif garden revamp

This existing garden was outdated and tired, and the top corner was sinking. As the client loved circles, we designed a circular patio with space for her beautiful Buxus balls, and overlapping lawn circles.


Voss House - Therapy Centre in Bozeman, Montana

Design of part of the landscape - a seating area within the curving wheelchair ramp, and the bed along the winding ramp. This was a newly built area and needed a narrow bed around the seating area as well as along the outside of the ramp. Plants needed to be narrow and tall.

Jeni after 5.jpg

Small Garden design

This garden was designed for a new-build home with a west-facing aspect. The owners wanted a greenhouse, a plank-style pathway, a raised bed, place to house their many potted plants, a lawn for their pets, and flowers in shades of pink, purple and white. They also wanted a deck for their outdoor lounge suite, and another one close to the house for dining. We designed a circular lawn, with a flower bed that wrapped around it so that the views shifted as one moved around the path. We also provided trees against the sun, and for privacy, as the garden is very overlooked. The space is approximately 8m x 8m, so we had to fit a lot into it!

To see the movie of this design, please visit our YouTube channel here:

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