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Garden Design Services

We listen to your needs, learn about your preferences, and design a unique garden that fits you, and your budget, perfectly.

We offer a friendly, reliable and timely service, with your best interests in mind. 



Enchanted Gardens Design offers a full garden design service, from surveying the site, drawing up plans to overseeing planting.

We will discuss your needs, read the questionnaire you provide us with (see Request a Quote) and draw up a preliminary zoning plan, for you to approve.


Once you have approved the plan, we will draw up a final master plan. This will contain instructions for contractors, lighting layout and a planting schedule. 

What This Includes


  • All plans

  • The final working plan

  • Consultations 

  • Visits (up to three) within 10 miles of Market Harborough

  • Instructions for contractors

  • Order of Works schedule.


We will remain in contact with you throughout the design and build process and check in with you in the years to come to ensure that you are happy with your garden.


Please note that you will be able to request one change to the initial zoning plan produced by us. Further changes will be payable at £45 per hour.


Please note that changes may not be made to the agreed layout of the design, once you have signed off on layout in the preliminary plan. Any changes you request will be available only at a fixed rate as mentioned above, and the final working plan will not be fully rendered, but provided in black and white.


Pricing includes visits to your site (up to three, for no extra fee), if within 10 miles of the Enchanted Garden base. Beyond the three free visits, further visits will be payable at £45 per hour plus 45p per mile to and from the garden. You can also opt for a remote plan which will exclude site visits. In this plan, architect plans of your site would be provided by you as well as the final responsibility for measurements.

Fees are payable in two instalments: one-half immediately; one-half before submission of the final working plan. 

Please apply for a quotation on the Request a Quote page. You will be asked to fill in a Questionnaire.

The following fees apply for a full garden design plan from survey to completion (please note that any complex requirements, that require excavation or other engineering consultation, will require geological surveys and planning permission - these are to be arranged and paid for by the owner), in all cases measure length and multiply by breadth:

  • £750 for gardens up to 40m2

  • £950 for gardens up to 60m2 

  • £1150 for gardens up to 100m2 

  • £1250 for gardens up to 200m2 

  • £1350 for gardens up to 300m2 

  • £1450 for gardens up to 500m2 

  • £1550 for gardens up to 800m2 

  • £1750 for gardens of 1000m2 and over

  • £ price available on consultation for gardens over 1000m2

Consultancy: £45 per hour, plus 45p per mile to and from client's location. ​Consultations do not include plans or measuring.


Please note that if we travel to your house and measure up your site, without your having agreed to our full fee, the hourly costs plus a labour figure of £60 plus travel costs will be applicable. It takes a minimum of two full hours for a garden site inspection and survey of a garden on the level. 

If you are in doubt as to whether to hire a garden designer, please give it some thought or arrange a Zoom discussion before requesting a home visit from us. If your garden includes steep slopes, please employ a surveyor and we will work according to their plan.

Your Budget

The costs of building a garden can range widely from a few thousand pounds to tens of thousands of pounds, and depend on the extent of hard landscaping and the quality of finishes used.

Don't hesitate to give us a call and we can discuss economical options with you.

Building Your Plan

Enchanted Gardens Design supplies a full design service, which includes detailed plans.

If your plan involves features such as streams, rills, ponds, we can give you the siting and dimensions of your plan, pond specialists and engineers, in line with Health and Safety requirements, will require external sourcing.


We do not build gardens. While we cannot always connect you with a contractor that suits your requirements - we are more than happy to discuss the plans with your chosen contractors. 

Please note that plans and site visits must be paid for in advance.

Please contact us for any clarification on our services - or send us a message using the Chat function.
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