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Welcome to living better

​Enchanted Gardens Design can create the perfect garden that fits your lifestyle and your preferences - no matter the size.

Whether you have a new-build blank slate or a tired old garden that needs revamping, we can design for you - a space where you can relax, play with the children or watch the miracle of the unfolding seasons.


The Process

We will carry out a consultation of your outdoor space, provide a hand-drawn reference of the redesign, true to measurement and any requests you may have, as well as a 3D reconstruction of the final garden ahead of its implementation, that may be viewed in video format.

The Result

The perfect garden for you to enjoy, all your needs, wants and specifications included, with a touch of our unique vision for your outdoor space.

Call us today. Let's start creating your ideal garden.

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Enchanted Gardens design is covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance

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