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We design all garden styles from contemporary to cottage

Do you have outdoor space but it doesn't excite you?

You've come to the right place! We can transform it from bland or blank to beautiful. 

Over the last year during global lockdown, those lucky enough to have a garden have experienced the comfort and serenity nature can provide. 

If you have outdoor space but don't know how to turn it into something special, we can help you. Enchanted Gardens Design can create the perfect garden that fits your lifestyle and your preferences - no matter the size. Whether you have a new-build blank slate or a tired old garden that needs revamping, we can design for you - a space where you can relax, play with the children or watch the miracle of the unfolding seasons.

Call us today. Let's start creating your ideal garden.

We've got your back yard.

You'll receive beautiful hand-drawn design plans 

Design for a therapy centre in the USA

We provide 3D videos of your planned garden design

A video of a small naturalistic garden design
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Enchanted Gardens design is fully covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance