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Pricing is available to view on the Garden Design tab.

You can contact us for a quote, giving us your site measurements, using the form below. We also request you to fill in the questionnaire - click on the button "ATT" to download the Word file; fill it in and sent to us. This is an essential part of the process. 

We will then send you a quotation. Upon receipt of your initial payment, we will set up a meeting to talk over your needs, and for us to visit the site and take measurements.


Please access the questionnaire by clicking on the Attachment button (ATT)  below. Save to your device with your name on the filename, and fill it in. Once done, please save and PDF the document, and email to

We will base your design on the answers you give. Of course, we will also chat with you to find out more about your personality, needs and preferences. 

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