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Enchanted Arts Return Policy 

Due to the nature of the products on sale, no returns can be accepted or refunds given. If you have an issue with any product, please email us on to discuss your issue. Please note that all products sold by Enchanted Arts/Enchanted Gardens Design are handmade to a very high standard, but remain artisanal handcrafted products which will never look the same as a mass-produced, machine-made product. All products may have very minor defects that will not detract from the general use or appearance of the product.  All items have washing or care instructions on this website or will be accompanied by a note specifying care instructions.

All earrings have hypoallergenic silver- or gold-plated hooks. All crocheted items are made to withstand a reasonable amount of handling and should not unravel. All brooches and necklaces are similarly crafted to withstand normal handling without breaking. 

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