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What we do


You're here because you want your garden designed or amended to suit your needs.


In our store, you can choose one of a few options, from a preliminary plan for you to approve, showing elementary layouts, to a full final plan showing where each element will go, to a working plan, which contains a planting plan, as well as precise instructions on how to carry out the job you need done, for building contractors, plumbers, tilers and electricians.


It will also advise when you need planning permission and what guidelines need to be followed in creating your new garden. It will contain an Order of Work showing what needs to be done first, in a logical fashion.

Client Questionnaire

Please note that before any plans can be drawn up, you will be asked to fill in a Client Questionnaire that asks a lot of questions. We will never divulge any of your information to any outside firms whatsoever. As your garden is special and unique to you, we need to know your requirements, restrictions, and preferences, so to avoid any frustration, please consult with family members and fill the questionnaire in as accurately as possible. We won't start designing until the questionnaire is complete. Download the questionnaire, which is located on our Questionnaire page. Please click on the more tab on the menu.


It is a good idea to create a Pinterest account where you gather (pin) images of gardens that you like, and share this with us so that we can have a good idea of what you like.   

Distance clients

If you are a distance client, you'll be asked to measure your site precisely, preferably in metric (mm, cm or m), indicating any existing trees, plants, features like beds, or electricity cables overhead. It would help if you had a copy of your site plan to assist you with the dimensions. Without exact measurements, we can't supply an accurate plan. 

Note regarding products and pricing                                    

Note that plans will be provided to clients via email, in PDF form. If you prefer a paper version, this can be posted to you on payment of shipping and packing charges, which will be provided to you on request. All plans will be supplied on A3 and you can print them out. 


No charge is applied to consultations regarding queries about our services. We won't charge you for looking at your questionnaire either.                                                      

Note that if we have to travel further than ten miles from our base, you will be asked to pay expenses based on mileage and time, which will be provided to you at the time of request. We will not make a profit from these expenses, but will merely cover our own expenses. 

If you are in another country, we will not be able to visit your site unless you pay travel and accommodation costs. You are advised to provide us with a site plan drawn up with precise measurements, preferably in metric, and to scale. Please use a scale of 1:100 or 1:150. 

You will see from our Products page that we offer plans, from preliminary to final. If you want a full project management service of your garden design, this will depend on the factors mentioned above: distance from our base. We will charge you £30 per hour for overseeing the project. Please note that all external contractors hired to install cables and water pumps, for paving, for clearing rubble and existing plants and trees, are for your own account. We can help source contractors for you (and we won't take any commission for this), or you can source them on your own. All materials such as sand, concrete, paving materials, water features, etc., including plants, trees, topsoil and compost, are for your own account. We don't accept any liability for plants you choose and which are not planted according to our recommendations. Equally, we won't accept liability for any damage caused by contractors - they will be liable for their own actions. 

Our Pledge to you

At Enchanted Gardens, our aim is to please you and create a garden that is built around your needs. We also respect any budget limitations and make every effort to work within these limits. Your budget needs to include the costs of design, of materials (paving, stone, topsoil, turf etc.) as well as the contractor's charges. 


We will never push you to select a particular plant or material out of affiliation to any third party. We will assist you to find the most cost-effective materials within your budget.

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