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About us


Creating your happy place

 Every garden is custom designed, taking site conditions such as soil type and pH, water conditions, exposure to sun, shade or wind, and your personal needs into account.

Low maintenance? We can design it. Need advice on gardening? We can help with that. Want ongoing or occasional maintenance? We can do that.  

It's your garden and we respect that. We'll ensure that it looks good for years to come. Season in, season out.


Our lead designer is Lara Raffaelli, who has years of experience in creating gardens around the world - from Italy to South Africa and the USA - and holds a Diploma in garden design, obtained with Distinction from the British Academy of Garden Design, UK.

Lara has a profound love for plants and flowers, and a strong desire to make gardens that are fit for purpose, suit their environment and use best practice in environmental concerns.

Lara is supported by professional, accredited contractors who have expertise in hard landscaping.

At Enchanted Gardens, we go out of our way to provide exceptional service to each of our customers. No matter your style, preferences or budget, we work with you to create an outdoor space where you can relax, unwind and watch the miracle of the seasons as they evolve.

We understand what households need, making provision for practical utility areas.

We encourage sustainability and respect of natural resources.

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